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Starting To Live Gluten Free

Why The Healthy Gluten Free Life Cookbook?

Seven years ago we discovered that I had to start eating a gluten free diet and I can tell you that Living a healthy gluten free life can seem a bit of a challenge at first. Most of us are used to living lifestyles where gluten is an ever present ingredient in our diets and removing gluten can be both tricky and challenging.

Earlier this year we came across the book The Healthy Gluten Free Life Cookbook by Tammy Credicott and I quickly bought it for my partner. “Bought it for your partner?” I hear you ask. Well yes! I need to let you into a little secret. I very rarely cook, in fact I think it would be true to say that rarely means more or less never – much to the relief of my partner it has to be said.

Okay I can hear your next question. “What qualifies you to do a review of a Cookbook then?” Well, as someone who loves to eat I think I can safely say that I am very well placed to review a book which results in delicious meals being put in front of me? Don’t worry I do lots of other things around the home :-)

Okay, now that’s clear let’s take a look at The Healthy Gluten Free Life Cookbook by Tammy who has set out, to remove the guess work and fumbling from our efforts to eat healthy and clean and let’s see if she’s succeeded.

A Real Need for the Healthy Gluten Free Life Cookbook

One thing that I am very clear about is that there’s a real need for Credicott’s cookbook. Not only are there people like me who have to eat gluten free but removing gluten from your diet can have a very positive effect on a great many people’s lives. We’re talking about reclaiming an explosive amount of energy, clearing up skin and hair issues and even increasing focus and mental clarity! With nearly 75% of people suffering from some level of gluten allergy having a cookbook that takes the trouble out of eating gluten free is a must.

The Healthy Gluten Free Life Cookbook delivers 200 (yes, 200!) recipes free of all the the usual gluten culprits. All the meals are covered – breakfast, lunch and dinner. As a bonus even healthy gluten free dessert recipes are featured that have certainly delighted me!

The best part, none are hard or complicated to execute at all in fact my other half has even suggested that I might want to try creating some of them. Credicott clearly wanted this cookbook to be easy to use and on the basis that it is being suggested I try making some of the recipes I think we can safely say she has succeeded with flying colors!

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The Healthy Gluten Free Recipes Rock!

Now we’ve established this cookbook is packed with recipes that are very easy to execute, but perhaps the biggest question remains – how good do they taste? After trying a few there’s no doubt at all Credicott is no stranger to the kitchen. They are incredibly tasty and it’s actually a bit hard to believe that eating healthy can feel so indulgent. The Healthy Gluten Free Life Cookbook will leave you wondering why you ever eat gluten in the first place… the recipes are just that good!

The recipes are organized intelligently, easy to follow and as a bonus the photos are all top notch. Really, a great many other cookbooks could learn a huge amount from Credicott’s effort here. A perfect execution.

Is It Worth the Price?

For someone like me who has to eat gluten free then an easy to use gluten free cookbook with delicious meals, which is exactly what The Healthy Gluten Free Life Cookbook is, can’t be undervalued. With that in mind Credicott could be asking for much, much more for this book.

The obviously high production value and over 430 pages make it a bargain, especially when you factor in Amazon’s discounts and shipping deals. When you consider this may be the only gluten free lifestyle cookbook you ever need, what more could you ask for where price is concerned?

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The Healthy Gluten Free Life Cookbook In The UK

If like me you are based in the UK then you may be wondering whether the Healthy Gluten Free Life is suitable for you and whether it’s available over here!

Well the very fact that I have written this detailed review of this great Gluten Free Cookbook answers the first question I think!

So where can you get a copy? Click on this link to grab your copy now: Healthy Gluten Free Life In The UK

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The Gluten Free Family Diet

When you’re getting ready to make big changes, you need to think about the gluten-free diet and your family.  Should everyone go gluten free?  Or is it too much?  It’s important to understand how to feed your family in a healthy way.

Eliminating gluten means eliminating any products that contain rye, barley, or wheat.  That usually includes breads, cereals, crackers, cookies, and other bakery treats.  But many people are now turning to gluten-free diets so there are several available substitutes.

It’s actually much easier to transition the whole family than it would be to try to just have one or two people in the household give up gluten.  When everyone’s on the same diet it can be easier to shop and plan meals.

You may wonder if it’s harmful for your children to eliminate gluten from their diet.  In general, it’s not harmful at all.  In fact, what it will do is eliminate a lot of the processed foods from their diet that aren’t good for them in the first place.

Foods that tend to be high in gluten are also usually high in sugar, fat, and artificial colors and preservatives.  When you eliminate gluten you often eliminate mostly these types of foods.  And there’s still plenty of variety for you and your family to get a healthy diet.

Instead of processed foods, you’ll do more cooking from scratch and eat more fruits and vegetables.  Today you can find gluten-free breads and other treats available to substitute for the wheat varieties allowing you to continue to enjoy sandwiches, toast, cakes and cookies.

You’ll also need to look out for gluten in places you might not expect it to be found.  For example, it can be in salad dressings, condiments, and even in lunch meat.  When you’re transitioning your family to gluten-free you’ll need to carefully check labels.

If you have an allergy to gluten, it’s important to completely eliminate it.  You don’t want any trace of it to get into your system and wreak havoc on your health.  But if you don’t have an allergy, you can gradually transition your family so it’s not such a rude awakening.

Begin by eliminating one product at a time and replacing it with a substitution.  You also need to be aware that even if your home is gluten-free, other homes aren’t.  If your child attends birthday parties or other events there may not be gluten-free options.

You’ll have to decide if you’ll allow your child to have gluten on occasion or if you want to completely eliminate it.  It can make social gatherings difficult, but if you’re prepared the gluten free diet and your family can go together well.

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Can A Gluten-Free Diet Help With Weight Loss?

You may be wondering is a gluten-free diet good for weight loss?  Many people lose weight when they begin eating a gluten-free diet.  If you have glucose intolerance, you may lose weight because your body can process the food better, but you may also lose weight even without the intolerance.

Gluten is a protein.  It’s found in wheat, barley, and rye grains.  It’s found in breads, cereals and most bakery products.  Incidentally, these are often the products that tend to have a lot of calories, sugars, and fat.

If you have a gluten intolerance, you’ll find that removing gluten from your diet may help you to lose weight.  It will also help you to get rid of digestive problems such as gas, abdominal bloating, and diarrhea or constipation.

Reversing your abdominal irritation can do wonders for how much energy you have and can facilitate your weight loss.  And when you remove products that contain gluten from your diet you’re left with really healthful options.

Removing gluten from your diet leaves you with fruits, vegetables, proteins, and some grains that are healthier alternative such as quinoa and oats.  Oats don’t contain gluten unless they’ve been contaminated during processing.

If you’re allergic to gluten, make sure you get oats that are labeled as gluten-free.  If you’re not allergic, it probably is such a negligible amount that it won’t harm your attempts to lose weight and feel better.

When you’re removing gluten from your diet in order to lose weight, you need to still be mindful of what you’re eating.  For example, make sure that you don’t replace products containing gluten with other highly processed foods.

You’ll want to steer clear of gluten-free products that contain a lot of saturated fat, cholesterol, sugar, and artificial colors and flavors.  These foods will impede your weight loss progress and keep you from attaining your goals.

If you’re dealing with celiac disease, chances are you’ve lost a lot of weight unintentionally.  You may be worried that gluten-free diet will cause you to lose even more weight.  But in this case, it’s just the opposite.  When you get rid of gluten, your body is able to absorb nutrients again.  This will help you to regain the weight you lost.

A gluten-free diet is a healthy way to lose weight and reduce your risk of developing some diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers.  If you’ve wondered if a gluten free diet good for weight loss, it can be part of a healthy weight loss program.

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